These are freelance animations that I have worked on for various people.       They include both 2D / 3D animations that have been mixed together, and they're complimented with music & sound effects.  

Water For Africa's Mission

I was given the objective to create a cartoon-style animation that depicts Water For Africa's goal to provide solutions for the dire circumstances that many families in Africa have to endure everyday. It has 2D animation that's overlaid onto 3D scenes, and it includes music, sound effects & narration.

RiverView Church - Reach

RiverView Church endeavours to extend help & support both inside & outside of the church walls, and this animation is a cartoon-style depiction of various things they have done. It even includes elements like a 3D train that I modelled to portray just how far and wide they have travelled. 

Tron Classic Intro Sequence

In motion graphics class in my Diploma of Graphic Design it was required to recreate an opening sequence for a famous movie. I chose the original Tron movie from 1982 and created the sequence in the way I thought would be cool.

Silent Night Divine

A Christian street preacher approached me to make a music video that could accompany his music track that he'd made many years earlier. I created some animated sequences & found various matching video clips for the lyrics & composed them all together, and at the end he wanted to be seen holding his lyrics sheet for the song.

A Week In The Need - HR Dept

I was given the task to create a promotional animation that’s based on a pitch that was provided by the client for social media purposes in order to highlight their services & points of beneficial difference !! It’s a Human Resources company that’s located in West Perth called HR Dept.

RiverView Safe

During my time at RiverView church, I was tasked with creating an animation that explains where/how church attendees should park before coming to a church service.

The Hunger Remains Promo

My church wanted a promo video for an up coming youth event. It included both video editing, adding in special effects such as the particle system, designing logos in Photoshop and 3D animation. 

Friend's Wedding Invite

A friend of mine requested my services to create an animated wedding invite for his guests which visually depicts both his romantic journey that lead him to getting married, as well as the various things to expect at the ceremony.  

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