Fringe Festival - StarWars

Fringe Festival was about spatial awareness & getting familiarised with what you can achieve with arrayed shapes, in order to create an structure. My chosen shape consisted of hexagons which go inwards to establish a multiple leveled form. Connectors were added to join these together, and these also served the purpose to become hinges to allow shape movement. The whole project was given the star wars treatment, and this includes a darth vader themed narration which talks about each portion of the environment.


A lot of experimentation & discovery was encouraged when working on this
project.. It started off with simple drawings, which was followed by physical models, and then finally the 3D digital models. I created a precise 2D “unwrap” drawing so I could make the physical model. A lot of careful bending had to take place, in order to produce satisfying layer depth.

3D Experimentations

Many ideas were explored before I could decide upon how to arrange the shape objects & connectors.  This included playing around with how I could compose an array of the shapes, as well as how a group of the arrayed shapes could be manipulated & twisted in order to achieve an expressive and creative outcome.

The Video

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