3D Website Experience

The objective was to create a three dimensional website experience which depicts the merge of a product & a film. I decided on a robot vaccum cleaner & Blade Runner, and this lead to the creation of the “Robo-Runner”. The website environment is heavily influenced by the movie’s dark sci-fi theme, whilst the showcased product has been upgraded with futuristic capabilities. Each area demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the product, and this includes the ability to customise the Robo-Runner.


As I explored deeper and deeper into the movie & the iRobot product, I extracted various themes/shapes from them. This process served the purpose to form the foundation for how I’d design the packaging for the product (and it also partially contributed to the environment in the 3D experience as well).

Product Packaging

This is what the product's packaging looks like. It's a combination of the existing "iRobot" product with major influences from the Blade Runner movie.

The Video

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